The Need for Restorative Justice

Currently, there are almost fifteen thousand inmates under the jurisdiction of the South Carolina prison system. I invest my time in one of those prisons, which houses 1200 inmates, by offering life changing character curriculum and classes, which results in a positive impact on the inmate, the inmate families, the prison, and the community.

I spend my time volunteering in a prison with a ground-breaking character initiative program. Inmates are provided a variety of programs for self-improvement. Within this system, I offer classes in growth and development, as well as guitar instruction.

The Mission Advance curriculum is designed to help inmates better understand themselves, what led to their crime, how they can better themselves, and return to their families and communities’ better people.

To provide the services, Mission Advance requires resources, books, guitars, travel expenses, as well as much time and effort. The Bureau of Justice reports that 95% of all prisoners will be released at some point. The question we must ask, “What kind of person do we want returning to our communities and neighborhoods?” 

You can make a difference.

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